Medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana supporters are already planning to gather signatures for a voter initiative to block strict regulations set to become law this summer.
Last month the Legislature passed a bill that limits access to marijuana by doing away with pot businesses and setting new standards for patients an…
Medical Marijuana Overhaul
A panel of lawmakers has agreed on a final version of a proposal to overhaul Montana’s medical marijuana industry. Senate Bill 423 will now go to the House, and Senate, for approval, and, if it passes, it will then go to Governor Brian Schweitzer.
Marijuana Keeps Growing In The Legislature
Tomorrow  may well be recognized as a holiday for those familiar with the use of marijuana. It will not be a legislative holiday with time limitations, as lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on a bill to overhaul Montana’s medical marijuana industry.
A Closer Look At Medical Marijuana
This Legislative Session there have been 2 dozen bills dealing with medical marijuana. Senate Bill 423, carried by Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essman, is aimed at drastically reducing the marijuana industry in the state.
Governor Undecided On Medical Cannabis Bills On His Desk
Several bills that would change the medical marijuana act in Montana are either sitting on Governor Brian Schweitzer's desk, or moving toward it. One of them is a repeal bill, and others try to regulate the industry. He can sign any of them, veto them outright, or send an amendatory veto back t…
State Senator Says Repealing The Peoples’ Will Is Not The Answer
In the Legislative Session filled with controversial issues, from the budget to right to life,one topic receiving considerable debate is that of medical marijuana. Montanans voted for a referendum giving us current law in 2004. Many have questioned whether or not voters got what they thought they wo…
Medical Marijuana In The Senate
 The Senate approved a measure requiring the board of medical examiners to provide an annual report on the number and types of complaints involving doctors who issue medical marijuana cards. Supporters say this would help track complaints... So lawmakers can address them in future legislation. But, …
Survey Says Montanans Support Medical Marijuana Repeal
Safe Community, Safe Kids, a group that opposes medical marijuana, hired 47 North Communications to conduct a statewide telephone survey of 400 Montanans between march 2nd and 3rd, to find out what they think about the presence of medical marijuana in the Treasure State...

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