Tomorrow  may well be recognized as a holiday for those familiar with the use of marijuana. It will not be a legislative holiday with time limitations, as lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on a bill to overhaul Montana’s medical marijuana industry. They will be  adopting amendments that could do away with the state's booming multimillion dollar pot industry. Senate bill 423, carried by Senate Majority Leader Jeff Essman, is likely the last chance to address one of the biggest issues of the session. Essman says the bill has been modified in the Montana house.

The proposal aims to overturn the state's 2004 voter approved drug law.  Replacing it with a strict law enforcement friendly proposal. There's a new player at the table, as lawmakers work out final details of a bill to overhaul Montana’s medical marijuana law. After reviewing an opinion letter from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington, D.C., to the Washington State Governor. Montana legislators on a conference committee are saying the feds have given them a "game changer". The drug is still listed as a schedule one drug. That fact is changing the administration's stance on medical marijuana. State Senator Diane Sands.

the overhaul would strictly restrict the availability of the drug in the State, and the changes legislators began adopting would entirely remove payment from the marijuana trade.