Another poaching incident in Western Montana has authorities looking for clues.

"Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are looking for tips on a deer poaching that occurred just east of the town of Superior," said Montana FWP spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. "We got a report of an abandoned whitetail buck deer that was shot and left approximately one mile up Verde Creek Road, which is just off of exit 55 off of I-90."

The deer was shot and abandoned in much the same way a moose was slain just east of Missoula last week.

"The deer was right along the road. It was shot and abandoned, not field dressed," Crowser said. "Just shot and left to waste. Those are the signs that point to a poaching and waste of game. We are still looking for tips on the moose too, we got a few, but we need some more to pull that one together, and hopefully we will get some leads on this deer poaching as well."

The deer is thought to have been shot sometime between Wednesday, October 30  and Sunday, November 3. It was most likely killed in the evening. Anyone with information about either the deer or the moose poaching is asked to call 1 800-TIP-MONT.

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