The Department of Commerce announced today, July 12, that it was awarding federal funds to three community development projects, one of those projects is in Mineral County. Administrator for the Community Development Division of the Montana Department of Commerce Jennifer Olson explains.

“We just awarded funds to Mineral County specifically and on behalf of Superior Meat, about $200,000 to help Superior Meat expand its facility and purchase new equipment so that they could continue their operation in a much more successful way,” Olson said. “They are telling us that this will help them increase their revenue by about 200 percent in their business volume. That is pretty exciting news.”

The other two grant recipients are in north central Montana.

“We also gave a grant to the city of Lewistown to help with Central Feeding Grilling Company,” Olson said. “They are going to be expanding their new brewery and restaurant. We also gave a grant to Phillips County. They received about $300,000 for Malta Opportunities Inc. They are going to be receiving some funds to help provide funding that can support activities that help the clients that are living with developmental disability.”

Altogether, the grant money for the three projects totals up to just under $630,000.

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