Montana Senator Steve Daines called the KGVO Radio Newsmakers Line on Tuesday, just as he was about to cast a ‘no’ vote on the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill on the floor of the Senate.

“Here's what's really going on here,” said Senator Daines. “When you look at this first bill, this $1.2 trillion is step one, there'll be a vote here just a few hours on that bill. It’s an up or down vote and I'll be voting no, because we're going to launch another quarter trillion dollars of debt on to our children and grandchildren. It's not paid for.”

One of the supposed ‘enticements’ of voting for the bill included a benefit that actually brought a frustrated laugh from Senator Daines.

“They’re bragging about the fact they're going to invest $43 million in more electric vehicle charging stations in Montana,” he said. “$43 million! Peter we looked online at Montana, we have about 950 electric vehicles in Montana that works out to be about $45,000 for every electric vehicle in Montana.”

Daines also commented on an article published in the Epoch Times by Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson about the now expanded rent moratorium.

“What do you see every where? Help wanted signs,” he said. “We can't find enough people to fill the jobs. And when the government steps in and creates more disincentives to go back to work, like don't have to pay your rent. Then why get up and go to work in the morning? Because I can keep I can keep getting my government checks and I don't have to pay my landlord. It’s no wonder we can't find people to go back to work because the government's getting in the way.”

Daines said he fully supports Governor Greg Gianforte’s refusal to allow mask mandates, however, he does encourage all Montanans to be vaccinated against COVID 19.

“I am a proponent of encouraging Montana's to get the vaccine,” he said. “I don't support a mandate. I don't want to see a mandate, but I want to make sure that Montanans are spending time speaking with their doctors and making an informed decision here. My wife's been vaccinated. I've been vaccinated, my folks and my in-laws have been  vaccinated. Peter, we're not going to stop this pandemic until we get a higher level of vaccination acceptance.”

Daines called from his Senate office  just before heading to the floor for the first infrastructure bill vote.

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