US Senator Steve Daines voted to pass the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement in the Senate on January 16, after voting to advance the USMCA out of the Senate Finance Committee on January 7 and out of the Senate Appropriations Committee on January 15. The USMCA passed in the Senate on a vote of 89-10, and will now be sent to President Trump’s desk for signature.

In a statement after the passage of the USMCA, Daines applauded the trade agreement and highlighted the advantages of the deal for Montana’s economy.

“This trade deal is another big win for our farmers, our ranchers, and our small businesses across Montana and the country,” Daines stated. “This deal provides certainty for Montana agriculture and protects critical access to our two biggest trading partners. I’m thankful for President Trump and his leadership in getting this done, and I look forward to getting it signed into law.”

The USMCA trade agreement will replace the 1994 NAFTA pact. The new deal has been revised to prevent job outsourcing and to protect American economic interests while encouraging free trade between the three North American nations.

Daines has been a strong supporter of the USMCA since its inception. In a speech to the Senate Finance Committee last week, he enumerated the benefits of the deal for Montana’s industries.

Full details about the USMCA trade agreement can be found at the USMCA webpage.

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