Montana Senator Steve Daines appeared Thursday morning on the KGVO Montana morning News show and spoke on a number of topics.

Daines accused President Biden of gross hypocrisy because he shut down the American Keystone XL Pipeline, while at the same time helping to enable a pipeline in Russia.

“Peter, as they say sometimes in DC you can't make this stuff,” began Daines. “The hypocrisy of President Biden and the mixed messages coming from his administration is remarkable. Six hours into his term, he killed the Keystone XL pipeline. Yesterday, he announced that he's going to remove the sanctions on a natural gas pipeline that Putin wants in order to build a Russian pipeline. So, he's supporting the Russian pipeline. So, on one hand he’s canceling American pipelines, but supporting Russian pipelines.”

Daines had nothing but praise for Governor Gianforte’s ‘Back to Work’ bonus pay plan.

“Congratulations to my very good friend and our great Governor Greg Gianforte,” he said. “Montana's leading the way. A little over two weeks ago, Greg announced that they're going to remove that additional $300 a week federal unemployment benefit, which basically worked out to 17 bucks an hour to stay home. We had a business in Helena that was telling us that they were only getting one or two applicants for their positions that needed to hire over the course of several weeks. Once Greg Gianforte  made this announcement they got 60 applications in the first three days.”

Daines also spoke of a new bill that will financially protect first responders who have been injured or wounded in the line of duty.

“Lad was severely injured as a motorcycle cop years ago,” he said. “We should do everything we can to make sure we protect the men and women who serve our communities and when they're injured, to make sure that they have the right benefits so they can continue to make ends meet going forward. My bill does that. It removes them from having to pay these unfair taxes if they have a work related injury event.”

In closing, Daines praised the Montana Legislature’s support of the 2nd Amendment with HB 102 that allows guns on college campuses, while criticizing the Montana Board of Regents, which has requested a judicial review.

“First and foremost, I applaud our Montana legislature and what Seth Burglee did to defend Montanans Second Amendment rights,” he said. “The Board of Regents should be defending our Second Amendment rights, not caving in to these woke constituencies.”

Daines calls in to the Montana Morning News about once a month.


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