Montana Senator Steve Daines was on the KGVO Montana Morning News on Wednesday and answered questions about the two Biden cabinet nominees that have appeared before Daines and the other members of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Daines said Representative Deb Haaland (D- New Mexico), the nominee to head the Department of the Interior, is a die hard liberal ideologue.

“She is calling for a ban on fracking, she opposes all pipelines, not just the Keystone pipeline, and she was out protesting against a pipeline in North Dakota,” said Daines. “She has called for an end to all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and she's called for no new pipelines.”

In addition, Daines called out Haaland for what he called her radical views on wildlife.

“She opposes trapping on public lands; she sponsored a bill that would take the grizzly bear and make sure that it's listed as an endangered species forever,” he said. “But the science tells us that the grizzly bear populations in Montana in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and up along the Rocky Mountain front are well above the recovery targets, so let's let the science dictate the policy outcomes here.”

Department of Health and Human Services nominee Xavier Becerra appeared before Daines’ Energy Committee and slammed his left-leaning policies as well.

“Xavier Bacerra is currently the Attorney General of California,” he said. “He has taken the most radical positions as relates to the pro abortion agenda. He's attacked religious freedom for American people. He supports open borders. He's lobbied to provide taxpayer funded health care for illegal immigrants. I mean if you were to characterize, Bacerra he's all about making America California again.”

Daines said the far left views on energy have also spread into Montana’s Congressional Delegation, specifically, fellow Senator Jon Tester.

“It makes no sense in terms of science and good policy outcomes other than it has harmed Montanans and it harms the environment,” he said. “It's just a sad state of affairs, frankly and we need to fight back. I would love to see Senator Tester get on my bill. And this is a concern I have with Deb Holland to be our next Secretary of Interior. She says she opposes all new pipelines. That is very, very concerning, for those of us who believe in science and looking at the facts.”

Tester said in his Facebook live event recently that he saw no reason why the Keystone Pipeline shouldn’t be built, however he voted to exclude the pipeline in  a second vote.

On Wednesday, Daines announced he will oppose the nomination of President Biden's Interior Secretary Nominee Deb Haaland, and will work to block and defeat it. The announcement follows a two-day U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing where Haaland's ideological agenda that threatens the Montana way of life took center stage.


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