At around 5:45 p.m. on Friday, a Missoula Police Department officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the vehicle had defective equipment and failed to use a turn signal.

“The officer stopped the vehicle in the 2000 block of West Broadway,” Welsh said. “He made contact with the driver and identified him as 27-year-old Rand Heath. The passenger was identified as 42-year-old Martin Reinbolt. During the course of the investigation, they determined that Reinbolt had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and that Heath was on probation.”

After further investigation, Welsh says officers believed drug activity was taking place.

“The officers received authorization to conduct a search from Heath’s probation officer,” Welsh said. “The officers discovered evidence that gave them probable cause to arrest both men for drug related charges.”

Both Heath and Reinbolt are currently being charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute. Heath was also arrested for violating his probation and now he faces an additional felony charge. On August 17, 2018, Reinbolt was arrested for criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

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