Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 24 criminal complaints this week, which is the same amount as last week and significantly higher than the weekly average. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, 11 of those cases involved violent crimes or crimes against persons. 

“Of those 11, eight involved interpersonal violence and six had risen to the felony level,” Pabst said. “There were two misdemeanors and six felonies. We also charged two assault with a weapon cases. In one, a bat was allegedly used to threaten people. In another, a handgun was used to threaten several people downtown, allegedly.”  

Additionally in that category, Pabst said her office charged a sexual abuse of children case. 

“In that case, the defendant allegedly traveled here to have a relationship with an underage child and was intercepted by Sheriff’s Office deputies,” Pabst said. “We charged three felony DUIs and also one careless driving resulting in death of a bicyclist.”  

In the property crimes category, Pabst said they charged three new theft cases. 

“The stolen items included a motorcycle, vape cartridges from a dispensary, and a wood chipper,” Pabst said. “Finally, in the drug category, we saw an uptick. There were six new felony cases. Three of those involved the alleged possession of methamphetamine and the other three involved methamphetamine plus fentanyl.”  

In those cases, law enforcement has equipment that can give them presumptive tests immediately on meth. The suspected fentanyl will be sent to the State Crime Lab for further testing. You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:

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