The journey through the education process begins for Missoula kindergarteners on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

Public Affairs Director for School District One Leslie Brasfield said Thursday that "we are working hard to get our local parents who have students who are eligible for kindergarten next year to bring them in this next Tuesday to register."

"The child must be age 5 on or before September 10th of this year to be eligible for kindergarten," Brasfield said. "When parents come in with the student," Brasfield said, "they'll want to bring with them the child's birth certificate, and proof of immunization. We also ask that they bring a utility or phone bill for something that shows their physical address", Brasfield added.

Brasfield continued, "we do ask parents to start the registration process at the school their child will normally attend."

The school district website has a feature in which a parent can type in their physical address and it will give them the local neighborhood school where their child will attend.

Brasfield said "each of our elementary schools has a special day in May where they invite the incoming kindergarten students and parents to come in and spend a few hours in the classroom so that the kids can understand what they'll be doing in the fall." "We call that the KIndergarten Roundup", Brasfiled added.

Public Affairs Director Leslie Brasfield

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