This has been a very busy summer for crews all over Missoula as they work on various projects involving District One Public Schools. 

One of the most highly anticipated events in the deconstruction process of two aging elementary schools involves the 100 year-old Franklin Elementary. Communications Director Hatton Littman said the demolition of part of the building is scheduled for Monday, August 1.

"We have 14 projects currently underway all across the community, elementary, middle and high school projects," Littman said. "Monday, we have a big moment, because by Monday, Franklin Elementary will have completed their asbestos abatement which is all happening inside the school, and the demolition will happen Monday morning at about 9:00 a.m., so viewers will actually see the school being taken down on Monday."

Littman said the majority of the building is brick, and most of the old bricks have already been spoken for.

"There were bricks that have already been reclaimed, or there's a plan for them to be reclaimed," she said. "I don't have all the details, but we do know that members of that community and that school and that neighborhood  are interested in that historic building, so we are hoping to make some of the bricks available to them."

Litton reminds residents where the funds came from for the many construction and remodeling projects underway in Missoula.

"In November of 2015, Missoula taxpayers were incredibly generous when they passed both an elementary and a high school district bond that totaled $158 million dollars, and so that's what's funding all this construction work," she said. "The people doing the work are local contractors and architects across the community."

Littman said anyone interested in seeing a detailed list of all the projects underway should visit the MCPS website.

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