At a special meeting Thursday night, the Missoula School District One Board of Trustees officially gave their intent to ask for a $158 million bond issue to be placed on the November general election ballot. 

Interim Superintendent Mark Thane said the formal process for preparing the ballot measure included two different proposals.

"There was a call for an elementary resolution for an $88 million bond issue to rebuild, remodel and update a number of kindergarten through eighth grade facilities," Thane said. "Correspondingly, there was an official call for a secondary bond election resolution, which would amount to a $70 million request for the high schools to upgrade, expand and remodel their facilities."

Thane said the formal adoption of the request would come at a meeting later in the summer.

"We really have until August and September dates to inform the elections office of our formal intent, and our official ballot language," he said. "The intent of the board last night was to give notice to the public with the intent to run the election and to announce the specific amounts that are involved. This is the formal process that lets everyone know that we are looking at running these two ballot issues."

Get complete details on the schools to be remodeled and replaced at the MCPS website.



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