Last night, two dogs got married in what the Guinness Book of World Records said was the world’s most expensive pet wedding at more than $150,000. It’s good to see that, in the midst of a recession, people are spending their money wisely.

During a black-tie extravaganza held at the Jumeirah Essex House in New York, a white Coton de Tulear named Baby Hope Diamond married a poodle named Chilly Pasternak. The entire affair, which was part of a benefit for the Humane Society of New York, totaled $158,187.26 in donated goods and services.

A wedding planner, a lighting tech with experience at major museums and well-known chefs all contributed to the event. Baby Hope’s owner, Wendy Diamond, was there too.

“I am not the mother of the bride, since Baby Hope is 56 years old in dog years,” Diamond said. “Just call me the Maid of Honor!”

Even Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was on hand to officiate and poke fun at the proceedings. “If these two dogs could talk, they would look around this room and what everyone has done for them … And they would say, ‘This is insane! Seriously? We’re dogs! You people are cuckoo,’” said Triumph. Funny, we were thinking the same thing ourselves. You can see more photos of the blessedly adorable event here.

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