There are probably thousands of dogs and dog owners that use the trail around the Maclay Flats in Missoula. And most of them are very respectful and clean up after their dogs, this message is not to you.

I am writing this to the person or people that have been using the trail and then not picking up after their dog. The thing that I really don't understand is that you are doing most of the work, just not throwing it away.

So, yesterday (Sunday) my wife and I took our two dogs (Koda & Gypsy) to the trail to enjoy a nice walk. Close to the beginning of the trail I see a doggie bag, full of waste, but just left on the trail. Probably 50 yards later as we were walking another bag was sitting there. Then another 100 yards later a third bag on the trail, left full of dog waste. So this person or people are actually picking up after their dog but then refusing to throw it in the garbage. REALLY?!?!?! Your dog is your family member, you should have no problem picking up after them. And if you can't clean up after them, you need to stop using the trail. OK, rant over!


    Koda attacking the water hose!

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