I am so happy that Missoula is so dog friendly, lots of businesses around town even open their doors to animals. Which means there are lots of places around town to take your dog or in my case dogs. Obviously there are some places that my dogs enjoy more than others. I'm almost certain my dogs know when we are in the drive thru at Dairy Queen because they know they are getting a small peanut butter sundae. Taking treats out of the idea, here is my list of best places to take your dogs around Missoula.


  • 1

    Fort Missoula Dog Park

    It is a huge space with lots of room to play fetch!
  • 2

    Dog Park near the University of Montana

    This space in right on the water and a great place to meet other animal friends.
  • 3

    Hike the M Trail

    My dogs love the exercise but remember it's a long walk for dogs. Bring water for them!
  • 4

    Blue Mountain

    Walking with your dog on the Blue Mountian trails is fun and you have beautiful views.
  • 5

    Maclay Flats

    This is probably my favorite walk with my dogs, normally very peaceful.

    Koda & Gypsy playing in the pool!

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