Photo courtesy of NBC Montana
Photo courtesy of NBC Montana

I called a veterinarian office in Missoula this morning to find out what we should do if we see our animal was hit by a blow dart. It was horrible to even make the call, but as a resident of Lolo I want to know what to do if one of my dogs is hit by a blow dart. The well respected vet wanted to not be named but gave some great advice as to what to do.

1. DON'T remove the dart yourself. Often times this will make things worse.

2. Keep the animal as still as possible. The last thing you want is to make the wound any worse.

3. Seek immediate medical attention. Don't attempt to help, often times it just makes things worse.

Again, let's hope they catch whoever is doing these nasty things to our animals around Lolo. Until he is caught at least we know what to do if this does happen to us.

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