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Police Sniper Shoots Runaway Cow in Billings
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Billings police sniper has shot a runaway cow after it got loose and ran over a man several blocks away.
The Billings Gazette reports the cow escaped Tuesday while being unloaded near the Public Auction Yards on Billings' South Side...
Woman Accidentally Bakes Life Savings
When it comes to storing large amounts of money in your home, underneath the mattress has long been the venue of choice. But when an Australian man sold his car for $15,000, he thought he had come up with a better place to bank the cash.
Man Attacks Neighbor With Toilet Lid
We’re going to take a wild shot in the dark here and assume Ronald Hetzel of Las Vegas was not having a good day when police first appeared on the scene after getting reports of objects being thrown inside Hetzel’s house. He was sitting on the curb screaming with no …
Stupid Montana Laws
We all love Montana, that’s why we live here. However, it seems in the past, there was a need for some laws that we don’t find quite relevant anymore. Although, with some of these laws, I’m not sure why they ever would have been necessary, but what do …
Woman Will ‘Snuggle’ With You for Cash
When it comes to a career, the best option is always to do what you love. Jackie Samuel loves snuggling. So the 29-year-old from the Rochester, New York-area has started a business called The Snuggery in which clients pay her $60 an hour for a relaxing session of cuddling.

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