An unidentified male student was pronounced dead Sunday afternoon in Craig Hall on the University of Montana campus. 

University Police Captain Ben Gladwin said he received a call from a campus officer regarding the incident at approximately 4:00 p.m.

"At about 4 o'clock this afternoon, I received a call from an officer that they were responding to a fatality at a residence hall," Gladwin said. "They confirmed that was the case, and then notified the city police and the Missoula County Coroner, and it is standard protocol for them to come and assist in the investigation, which is still ongoing."

Gladwin said no one else has been placed in danger due to this incident.

"I think what is important for people to know right now is that there is no indication of any danger towards the campus or the Missoula community," he said.

Gladwin said the process is underway of contacting the student's family, and until then, no other details, including the student's identity, will be released.