The Missoula Police Department had five DUI arrests over the 4th of July weekend. According to Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, that is a fairly low number for a holiday that is associated with the consumption of alcohol.

“However, three of those five were felonies,” Welsh said. “A person is arrested for felony DUI after having three prior convictions for the same offense. It is cumulative so the fourth offense would result in a felony charge. Those three are identified as 52-year-old Randall Segar, 30-year-old Lauren Moore, and 67-year-old Charles James.”

Welsh says James was not arrested for drinking and driving.

“He was arrested for DUI after it was learned that he was using Dust-Off as his drug of choice before driving his car,” Welsh said. “Dust-Off is ingested through a process called huffing, which is street terms for inhaling the product directly from the container.”

James is being charged with driving under the influence of non-narcotic drugs and three additional traffic crimes.

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