In a video released from his Washington, D.C. Office, Montana senior Senator Jon Tester demanded that the FCC retain the policy of net neutrality,.

Tester said ending net neutrality would mean 'the end of the internet as we know it'.

“The Federal Communications Division is repealing net neutrality,” Tester begins. “It will change the way the internet operates as we know it. Net neutrality is the principle that says no matter who you are or how you connect, everyone should have equal access to the internet. Without net neutrality, internet providers could charge you more to view certain content, block your favorite website, or even slow down your internet altogether.”

Tester said net neutrality, imposed during the Obama administration in 2015, helps small companies better compete against large corporations.

“Without those protections, rural businesses and entrepreneurs could be forced to pay huge corporate rates or be cut off from their customers altogether,” he said. “Without net neutrality, big corporations could favor websites that make them a profit while blocking or slowing down websites that can’t pay their fees.”

Tester is demanding that the FCC listen to the ‘thousands of Montanans who have contacted his office’.

“Ending net neutrality ends the internet as we know it,” Tester concluded.

Tester is running for his third six-year term in the U.S. Senate.

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