Patrol Captain Chris Odlin was flanked by several officers and detectives at a press conference Thursday afternoon in the Jack Reidy Conference Room on West Pine Street.

The purpose of the event was to recognize the individuals in the police department that had done solid work in solving two cases over the past few days that were troubling to many Missoulians.

The first was a burglary investigation that began on December 10th in the Linda Vista neighborhood. There were seven residential break-ins reported, one in which the homeowner fired a warning shot to scare away the teenaged intruders. Corporal Sean Manraksa and officers Garth Craigen and Pete Woods conducted the initial investigation, while detective Araianna Adams obtained a search warrant and later interviewed the suspects. Officers recovered firearms, marijuana and other stolen items.

The other incident involved a 22 year-old man who has been charged with three counts of armed robbery after allegedly robbing a convenience store and two casinos..all early Tuesday morning, December 12th. Street crimes officer Matt Stonesifer and Mitch Lang observed a vehicle that resembled a vehicle used in the robberies. They arrested the driver, Cody Schreckendgust, who was arrested on a parole violation. Detective Mark Blood interviewed the suspect at the jail, where he admitted committing the robberies to obtain money to buy drugs.

Captain Odlin and the police department wanted the public to see the officers and detectives that worked on the crimes to bring the suspects to justice.

Patrol Captain Chris Odlin

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