Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch said that her office is providing funds for a satellite voting office to open up on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in the weeks leading up to the November elections.

"Glacier county has worked with the tribes and with our office and their opening a satellite office the 30 days before the election. So, two days a week they'll be offering voter registration and absentee ballots," McCulloch said. "The three counties settled their lawsuit at the beginning of the summer. This county has just decided to open satellite offices and we're in preliminary discussions with other counties to open those offices too."

McCulloch was mum on which other counties were considering opening satellite offices. Last June the state faced a federal lawsuit about voter access that requested offices on the Crow, Northern Cheyenne and Fort Belknap Reservations. McCulloch did not know if the satellite offices would be coming back for future offices and said that many of the decisions are up to the counties themselves.