Ballots for the November 2 general election will be in the mail on Wednesday, said Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman.

“Ballots are going to be mailed for the November 2 election on October 13th, and ballots are going in the mail to every active and provisionally registered voter in the entire county,” said Seaman. “So this election coming forward is going to be for our mayor, our municipal judges and city council representatives in all six wards. In addition to that, there's going to be two tax issues on the ballot. So county wide, every voter who is registered is going to receive a ballot in the mail.”

Seaman provided additional details about the elections for municipal judges.

“Part of the recent legislature made changes to the way that judges were set up, and the city of Missoula is going to be electing three different District Court judges,” he said. “So every voter who lives in the city of Missoula is going to get to vote on each of those three different departments.”

Seaman offered advice for voters who may have questions about their registrations.

“The best thing you can do to confirm your voter registration is go to my voter page,” he said. “On that website you can pull up your voter registration status. It will tell you if you're registered to vote and you'll need to be confirming that you're listed as active on that page.”

After recent questions about Missoula elections, Seaman said there will be a number of opportunities for voters and other interested parties to observe the process.

“We have a public meeting after every election, which confirms each vote that was cast compared to the number of registered voters, and we make sure that all of the ballots that were received are counted, and that nothing was missed,” he said. “We've got a lot of steps we take to ensure the integrity of our elections, and we're going to follow through all of those steps as we have in the past. If you have questions about that, we will have public tours on ‘National Vote Early Day, which is Saturday, October 23rd. Starting at noon, we'll have tours over at our elections office.”

Get more details about the Missoula County election process here.

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