One of the highlights of the Trump visit on Thursday is for a group of Montana veterans to deliver a painting portraying President Trump to his staff.

Sam Redfern of Concerned Veterans for America, Montana division was in line early Thursday morning waiting for a shuttle bus to take him to the President's rally.

"We had a wonderful gathering of about 40 veterans last night along with members of the White House staff, and we have a wonderful painting by David Williams and Hailey, a student at Plains High School," said Redfern. They were commissioned by Montana veterans to produce a painting to represent a welcome to Montana and to honor veterans. They produced this painting in six days with our beautiful Mount Sentinel and the 'M' in the background, and its President Trump saluting our Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial. That painting is on-site right now and will be presented to the President and his staff at some point today."

Redfern gave credit to Davis Williams and young Hailey for creating the painting and to the White House for accepting it.

Redfern said the Secret Service could not allow the painting to be delivered directly to the President, since there are security protocols that must be completed before any gift can be presented, however, the painting was secured in Air Force One and will be presented to the President as soon as possible.

It was stated that this painting portrays a much different, more positive message than the Pearl Jam poster that was released at the Missoula concert, in which President Trump was portrayed while lying dead on the burning White House lawn, while vultures picked at his carcass.

The President is due to arrive on Air Force One on Thursday afternoon and speak at Minuteman Aviation at 6:30 p.m.

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