A small but enthusiastic crowd of baby boomers, college students and millennials gathered for the first ever rally in support of President Donald Trump on the oval at the  UM campus.

The official number was 115, according to one of the participants.

The rally, organized by two UM students had patriotic music playing and lots of homemade signs with slogans like ‘Flush Jon’, meaning Jon Tester, ‘Women for Trump’, and even a caricature  of Donald Trump’s hair with the slogan ‘There will be Hell Toupee’.

Two Republican party officials were on hand, Mikki Carver and Vondene Kopetski, who both remarked on the number of young people who attended the rally.

“ The turnout is amazing,” said Kopetski, Missoula County Chair of the Republican Party. “What’s really amazing is that this was put together by some young college students before they even knew that President Trump was coming, so they did this on their own, and if you look around, you’ll see the majority of people here are milennials. They’re younger people. That’s wonderful for our party. It says a lot about the strength of the Republican Party, and the future of the party. I’m just very excited.”

MIkki Carver, Montana Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, said the mixture of ages was encouraging.

“It’s amazing to see people of all ages here, from students to the older community here in Missoula,” said Carver. “50 percent of the RLI (Republican Leadership Initiative) fellows in the Republican Party are actually milennials, surprisingly, the Washington Examiner reported today. It’s so nice to see everyone out here today with their homemade signs.”

What was surprising was the total lack of any anti-Trump protests at the event, not a sign, not a protester was seen throughout the campus.

The plan was for the Trump supporters to make their way over the Madison Street Bridge, down West Broadway and up Higgins over the Higgins Street Bridge.

A University of Montana police officer observing the rally remarked that he was glad there were no anti-Trump protesters at the event.

President Trump will appear in Missoula on Thursday, at 6:30 p.m. inside the hangar at Neptune Aviation.

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