The operative word to describe the impact of Sir Paul McCartney's concert in Missoula on all involved is 'ecstatic'.

Director of the Adams Center, Brad Murphy, made that abundantly clear even two days after the concert.

"It was all completely positive," Murphy said. "People here in Missoula are ecstatic, the tour is ecstatic, the production crew was ecstatic, it was just a great Tuesday night in Missoula, Montana."

Murphy said he and his staff learned a great deal about putting on a major event.

"It went really well," he said. "Of course, when you haven't done a show of this magnitude in over eight years, there is a learning curve, but overall it was a very good night. One thing we learned was that you have to have better directional signage as far as getting people into the stadium. In addition, we're trying to keep things more open and accessible for our food and merchandise vendors."

Murphy said the entire Missoula community benefited economically from the event.

"Restaurants were packed, hotels were completely booked because a lot of people came from out of town for the concert," he said. "So, it really did boost our economy for a couple of days."

Murphy said the concert promoters and McCartney himself probably took home about 75 percent of the concert revenues, while the University of Montana ended up with about 25 percent, although there were no actual numbers available at the time of this interview. Murphy said those numbers would be released at a later date.

Next up for Missoula, since we've already hosted the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Pearl Jam and Paul McCartney? Murphy said with the new contacts from the McCartney concert, there are a number of intriguing possibilities, but that's all he would say. Stay tuned.

Adams Center Director Brad Murphy


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