Ardent fans of President Donald Trump came to Missoula on Thursday to get in line for a chance at getting into the Minuteman Aviation hangar to see the chief executive up close and personal, some arriving as early as 3:00 a.m.

Susan Campbell Reneau

One woman from Oregon who identified herself as Brice was the first in line, but was not allowed entrance until the parking area opened early Thursday morning, but she was raring to go.

“I’ve never been to a Trump rally, but I’ve seen every single one of them on the RSB Network, and I wanted to be right up front to see my President and support him. I love him. I think he was anointed by God, and I think if it wasn’t for the father putting him here, we’d be in a lot of trouble right now.”

Brice said she believes that President Trump is a man of faith who has been placed in the Presidency for a specific purpose.

“I believe he’s a man of faith,” she said. “I’m in my 60’s and I believe he says the things that us patriots and people who grew up like I did, and he says the things that we are thinking, like that God and country mean something, and that you have to work hard to get what you want. Right now, we’re in the ‘good versus evil’. These Democrats, with abortion and open borders and socialism doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked anywhere ever.”

Another visitor, Mike Cuffey from Eureka is a Republican running for office in Senate District One in Lincoln County.

“There’s tremendous excitement for Donald Trump in Lincoln County,” said Cuffey. “We like the injection of enthusiasm that he’s brought into the business world, as well as the improved economic climate. I personally am a good friend of Ryan Zinke, I love what he’s doing with the Department of the Interior.”

Cuffey then made a plea to all Montana voters.

“I’m running for Senate District One, but that’s really the least important vote on the ballot,” he said. “I want to see Greg Gianforte reelected, I want to see my old friend Matt Rosendale replacing Jon Tester, but big time, I want to vote ‘no’ on I-186 and I-18. Let the legislature do the work. We’ll take a look at those bills and see if they are the best bills that they can be.”

Susan Campbell Reneau

The parking lot is over 30 acres in size and it was rapidly filling up with those wanting a glimpse of the President.

There are electronic signs in the area guiding visitors to the parking area, and shuttle buses will start running to and from the venue at 2:00 p.m.

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