Montana Snowbowl is enjoying record crowds - and lots of snow in February.

Snowbowl employee Andrew Morris said even though January was fairly dry, February more than made up for it in heavy snow.

"We really caught up in the last several weeks," Morris said. "We've had a lot of snow in the last three weeks, up to three feet in fact. We have over 100 inches at the top and over 60 inches at the bottom, and that's definitely above average."

Morris said you can never have too much snow at a ski resort.

"Not really, though it can be a little rough on the maintenance crews and the ski patrol when we have this much snow to deal with," Morris said.

The crowds have been following the snow up to Snowbowl.

"In the past few weekdays we've been averaging between 700 and 1,000 skiers," Morris said. "On the weekends, we're getting somewhere near 1,100 skiers, and we had a record day on February 8th of 1,646. The full rate for a weekday is $44 for an adult, and then the rates go down from there."

Morris said the road going up to Snowbowl is well-maintained.

"We send the plows down as needed in the morning and we have sanding trucks that go down throughout the day," Morris said. "Most of the time, our road is in better shape than Grant Creek Road, or a county road after a big snowfall."

Andrew Morris of Montana Snowbowl



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