I guess not everybody is a die-hard fan of the hot summer weather. If you're a big skier or snowboarder your summer months are probably spent counting down the days until the snow starts falling and ski areas open for the season. And if you're a Montana Snowbowl fan you have to be pretty excited about this news. A new chairlift is being installed with plans of being ready for the upcoming winter.

What's in the works?

This sounds like it's a little more than just adding your average additional lift to help move people around the mountain. A story in the Missoulian says "it'll be one of the steepest in the country" when it takes riders up 1,700 feet with a nine-minute ride on the 3,800-foot long lift. And the lift won't only be the highest at Snowbowl, but it will also be a triple-seater making it the first one on the mountain to carry three riders per chair.

A new chairlift isn't the only addition

In addition to the new chairlift, the Missoulian article gets details from Brad Morris, one of the owners and operators of Snowbowl, about new ski runs that are scheduled to be created this summer. Three are currently planned with additional ones in the works for the future. The new runs are expected to be steep and not available for beginner skiers or snowboarders.

It sounds like there are some pretty big things in the works with Snowbowl. Are you excited to see the new additions when winter rolls around? Don't forget, you can still visit the mountain during the summer for hiking, biking, ziplines, and more.

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