Over the weekend and into Monday morning, both the Missoula City and Missoula Rural Fire Departments were busy responding to calls for service.

On Sunday, Missoula Fire Department crews were called on to rescue an injured paraglider who had crashed on the face of Mount Jumbo.

Battalion Chief Kip Knapstad described the call.

“Someone called to say they witnessed a paraglider who crashed on Mount Jumbo,” said Knapstad. “We had to have guys hike up to the ‘L’ Trail. We have a rescue device that we call ‘the wheel’ that resembles a game cart where we can put a person on the backboard and that’s how we got him out. They had to stop several times. We had medics on board and we had to stop and administer pain medication for the man’s injured back and we had to wait for the medication to take effect due to transporting him down the rocky trail.”

The male patient was taken to a waiting ambulance where he was transported to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries are not known.

Law enforcement officers were called in on a response by Missoula Rural Fire crews on an RV fire that was reported to 9-1-1 just after 7:00 a.m. on Monday just off Lewis and Clark Drive on private property where a fifth-wheel camper was fully involved in flames. Battalion Chief Blaine Cowan described what happened.

“The trailer was actually located back in an area where you couldn’t see it, but fortunately, our engine companies figured it out, along with law enforcement who had already arrived on scene,” said Cowan. “There was one male occupant who was out and talking with law enforcement when we arrived. There was a vehicle on one side and a larger recreational vehicle on the other side, but our guys were able to get a quick knock-down of the fire.”

Cowan said the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident at this time.

“It sounded pretty vague, but somebody had supposedly thrown some bottles of accelerant into or at the trailer,” he said. “We didn’t see any evidence of that right away, but it definitely drew a response from law enforcement because of what was said initially."
Cowan said there were no injuries and the investigation by the sheriff’s office is ongoing.


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