On August 20, 2022, Missoula Police Department Officers responded to a reported disturbance at the Poverello Center. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Poverello staff who advised that 50-year-old Michael Ansbaugh-Zimmerman had been placed on a 7-day out from the Poverello Center, which bars a person from the center for a 7-day period.  

According to staff, Zimmerman had been at or around the Poverello Center that day and appeared to be very intoxicated. Staff further advised that Zimmerman had been involved in incidents with multiple people present at the center that day. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains. 

“Earlier in the day, officers had contact with Zimmerman for a report of criminal mischief,” Arnold said. “At that time, Zimmerman was cited and released. Several hours later, Zimmerman returned and threw a hard object at the victim. The victim had to duck to not the hit by the object. The object was collected for evidence.” 

The victim said Zimmerman had thrown a rock at his head. He advised that the rock had only missed his head because someone had yelled a warning to him, and he moved just in time to avoid the rock. An officer reviewed surveillance video from the Poverello Center, which showed events consistent with what the victim had reported. 

“Zimmerman also approached other victims with a large knife and was making slashing motions,” Arnold said. “Zimmerman was uncooperative with officers and when taken into custody, he continued to be uncooperative. Zimmerman was transported to the Missoula County Detention Center and alcohol is a suspected factor in this incident.” 

Court documents indicate Zimmerman was later administered a breath test, which yielded a result of 0.317. 

Officers spoke with a female victim who reported that Zimmerman slashed at her with a knife, apparently unprovoked, causing her to believe that she was going to be stabbed. Her son was also present during this incident and pursued Zimmerman as a result. He reported that he had also nearly been stabbed. In the search incident to arrest, two knives were found on Zimmerman’s person.  

Zimmerman is currently being charged with felony assault with a weapon and felony criminal endangerment.  

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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