Missoula Police Public Information Officer, Detective Sergeant Travis Welsh, had some nice things to say about the public, and their judicious use of social media in helping to identify a man suspected of stealing a credit card and defrauding the owner of nearly $1,500 in goods and services. 

"Thanks to some Missoula citizens, we received some information as to the identity of a suspect in a credit card fraud case," Welsh said. "In fact, we've already heard from the man himself, who has made attempts to contact Detective Lear, and he has come in and made a statement."

Welsh said the man's name won't be released until he is officially charged with deceptive practices or fraud.  Welsh was especially complimentary of the public and their willingness to assist law enforcement in identifying the suspect.

"I can't thank those folks enough who took the time to do this and actually call us with the information that they knew," he said. "It certainly helped us in this case and the potential for others is huge. There are more eyes out there with eyes than there are police officers, so anytime the public can get involved and help us, that's a great thing."

Detectives are currently interviewing the suspect, and charges may be filed early next week.