Missoula Police are seeking information about man suspected of using a stolen credit card to purchase over $1,500 in goods at various locations.

"It looks like he spent a lot of time at convenience stores in Milltown, which may be an indicator of where he lives," said Missoula Police Department Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "He is making several smaller purchase, instead of fewer larger ones, so it is almost like he is just buying personal need type stuff; groceries, gasoline, that sort of thing."

The card being used is thought to have been lost some time between September 16 and 18, 2014, but by the end of September the account owner was noticing charges in total of over $1,000.

Missoula Police Detective Stacey Lear has been able to isolate images of a particular individual that was caught on video at the scene in multiple instances where the card was used. Anyone with information about this individual is asked to call Detective Lear at (406) 552-6283.

Those who wish to share information confidentially can do so by calling Five Valley Crimestoppers at 721-4444.


Photo courtesy of Missoula Police Department
Photo courtesy Missoula Police Department