The majority of us all have at least one social media account.  And while social media users are worse than others, the average time that we spend on social media might just surprise you.

According to a study done by uswitch, we spend a whole lot of time staring at our screens.

Just to break it down for you we spend about an hour a day on Facebook, 50 minutes on Snapchat, 53 minutes on Instagram, and 40 minutes a day on Youtube. So, right around 3 and a half hours a day for the average Montanan is spent on social media. When you actually break it down, it certainly seems like a whole lot of time, right?

Having said all that, according to a new study, there is one thing that you can do on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter that will gain the respect of others.


The University of Houston conducted a study involving social media and the interaction of social media users and the result was honest and admit when you're wrong. Yep, apparently, to gain "cred" on social media, you just have to admit you're wrong when, well, you're wrong. Easy enough, right? You would think so, although, if you've spent any time on social media you realize that someone admitting they're wrong is indeed a rare thing.

The study goes on to say that there was a "staged argument on a Facebook wall" over a made-up food additive. The study went on to have a couple of different endings.  In one conclusion, the person admitted that they were wrong and thanked the other participant for providing information on the subject and thanked them for the conversation.  In the other conclusion, the person said that while they still believed they were right, they appreciated the information provided and thanked the other participant for the conversation.

Social media concept

The conclusion?

Those who participated in the study had more respect for the person that admitted they were wrong. So, can we expect Montanans engaged in online arguments on social media to know and admit that they're wrong when they're wrong? Probably not. However, it's good to know that there are folks out there that still appreciate honesty and for those of you who were wondering, respect folks when they admit they were wrong.

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