29 year-old Ceylon Elgin-Taylor appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail to hear charges that, according to court documents, he allegedly beat up his ex-girlfriend, strangled her, and pushed her down the stairs while she held his child in her arms. 

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Karla Painter asked Judge Karen Orzech for a bail amount of $75,000.

"The defendant's criminal history consists of a PFMA (Partner or Family Member Assault( from 2014, and another from 2013 and he also has a resisting arrest conviction in 2013," said Painter. "At the time he committed the current offense, he was on probation for a PFMA against the same victim. Immediately after that offense, the defendant tested positive for meth and alcohol."

Painter said the State believes that Elgin-Taylor is a significant flight risk.

"At the time he was arrested, the defendant had $24,000 in warrants out of municipal court," she said. "His probation officer reported that he has absconded for nearly four months. He also threatened to kill the victim if she turned him over to law enforcement."

Judge Orzech placed Elgin-Taylor back in jail on $75,000 bail, and denied his application for pre-trial supervision, due to the fact that hae had absconded from parole on an earlier conviction.