Diet Thanksgiving Dinner
Do you know that some crazy people in America actually want to find a way to cut calories on this most holy of dinners? Why? Why would someone even dream of doing such a thing?
Do Women Need Chocolate?

A new study found that if you’re craving chocolate around that time of the month, then it’s all in your head, according to a study conducted by Louisiana State University. The students there studied women in different stages of their menstrual cycles and found that the women were no more likely to …
5 Tips for a Great Outdoor Dining Experience
There are many reasons we all choose to live in Missoula, one of which is that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With the extreme heat we’ve been having lately, it’s been a little hard to get outside and really enjoy the outdoors. If you wai
5 Missoula Foods You Have to Try
Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist who is just passing through town, deciding where to dine can be a little overwhelming with so many great choices.

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