Is now the time to attack “IRAN”?
How do we access the threat of Iran? Is this a country run by a theocratic death cult? Will continued economic sanctions result in a more compliant, or dangerous Iran? Is an attack necessary?
The Talk Back Weekly Schedule
Here's the line-up for the week:
Monday: Walt Kero will enlighten us with talk about taxes.
Tuesday: We will speak with Montana State Attorney General candidate Jim Shockly
Wednesday: We will speak with Sam Whitehorn about internet taxes and then with Republican gubanatorial candidate Jim Lynch...
Will This “Flip-Flop” Video Destroy Mitt Romney’s Campaign?
Mitt Romney's opponents, on both the left and the right, are celebrating the release of the following video. In it you will see Mitt touting the fact that he was able to funnel millions of dollars from the government for the 2002 Olympics. Romney has always held up the Olympics as one of his gr…
Is KONY 2012 Misguided?
The KONY 2012 campaign is great at directing social ire at a horrible man, but I wanted to offer readers some different points of view on the issue. Mike Pflanz recently criticized KONY 2012's narrow viewpoint in the Daily Telegraph. Likewise, the following video sources many of the anti-Kony 2…

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