Photo courtesy of East-West Center/Flickr

The Obama Administration is attempting to shift the flow of conversation away from the economy and onto what it views as an attack from "the right" against women. Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jumped into the topic of domestec politics to warn the public of American "extremists" that "want to control women."

How is this message working? Not particularly well. Take a look at the recent New York Times/CBS Poll. Everyone is talking about the big number (a nine percent drop in the overall approval rating), but what is much more interesting is the polls demographic break down. Numbers are down across the board, except for the two wealthiest brackets (those making over 75,000 and those making over 100,000). Women in particular celebrated Obama's new campaign message with a 12 percent drop in job approval. The largest drop though, came from those in their 30's and 40's who withdrew support of Obama by 18 percent. The Obama Administration will undoubtedly continue to point out the issues dividing the country on contraception (the poll also showed that a majority of the country diagreed with Obama on that), but the real message Obama needs to communicate is that he can fix the economy. With a steadily increasing Misery Index and climbing gas prices that argument will be a hard sell.