The following letter is currently posted on President Obama's campaign website and is written by Obama's campaign manager.

By Jim Messina, Campaign Manager on March 13, 2012

If the general election were held today, President Obama would lose to Mitt Romney—according to the latest poll from Washington Post-ABC News.

Now, many other polls put the President on top, but all point to the same reality: We're looking at a race that will be tighter than you think. And the other side has groups ready to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to tear down President Obama.

We cannot underestimate someone like Romney who has shown he will spend and say anything to win. We need to turn up the pressure now.

If the idea of a President Romney scares you, it's time to own a piece of this campaign.

Donate $3 or more today.

Of course, we have plenty of good news to celebrate, and we must not overreact to any one poll. But this one is a reminder that we have to remain vigilant—always focused on November 6th and the work we have to do to win.

Ok, now that you've read the letter, I want to point out a few things.

First, a major factor in all political races is fear: it is easier for someone to vote against something they fear than to find someone they agree with. The phrase "president Obama would lose to Mitt Romney" is obviously a fear appeal for those on the left, but isn't this a startling change in tactics from the slogans of Hope and Change that Obama was able to run on last cycle?

Secondly, look at the three dollar figure that the campaign is asking for. Last election, that number would have been $25 so why the drop in value? In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Karl Rove pointed out that the Obama campaign is hurting for money. The campaign hoped to pull in $50 million a month in order to build up a billion dollar war chest for the next election, but how is it doing? Last July the campaign was pulling in $29 million a month, now they are pulling in only $24 million a month (less than half of the goal). Rove adds a little insult to this injury by pointing out that "Mr. Obama has already attended 103 fund-raisers, roughly one every three days since he kicked off his campaign last April (twice his predecessor's pace)." The campaign is no longer begging for big bucks, it is literally hoping for change.

All of that said, what Messina points out in his letter is true for both sides of the political aisle: "The race is closer than you think."