As a whole, Democrats hate the Citizen's United decision. Anyone who lives in Montana has likely seen a thousand Jon Tester internet adds slamming Denny Rehberg for using "secret corporate money." In light of this, I want to point out two major ways that Citizen's United will damage Republicans particularly.

1. Largely because of Citizen's United, the Republican Primary will drag on much longer than it normally would. Look at Gingrich for example, in any normal election cycle he would have left the race this week, but  Gingrich fans can keep hope alive because Sheldon Adelson is able to fund his campaign. The Obama administration loves this because the longer Romney's most vocal detractors are in the race, the less chance any Republican has of winning. If you look at the math, it is almost certain that Romney will be the nominee, the big question is how worn out will he be by the time he finishes the race?

2. Democrats have the advantage of using Super PAC money to argue that Super PAC money shouldn't be part of the campaign. Obama will use the same type of "secret corporate money" that Romney, Rehberg, Tester and nearly every candidate will use this election cycle. Obama's Super PAC (Obama for America) has already attempted to shield itself from accusations of hypocrisy noting that "our campaign has to face the reality of the law as it currently stands." Despite the obfuscations here, the message that Republicans are taking "secret" or "dirty" money will continue even though it was the Supreme Court that made the Citizen's United decision and not the House of Representatives.