There's not a whole lot I can say about the video without letting you watch it first. It is 30 minutes long, but I think you will find that it commands your attention.

Ok, now that you've seen the video what did you think? Did you know about Joseph Kony? The Invisible Children campaign to take down Joseph Kony is the kind of activism that can actually get things done. Here's why I think almost everyone can get behind the campaign.

1. It focuses on evil without muddling in politics. There are no potshots at Republicans or Democrats in the campaign, no accusations of inaction, no particular praise to either party. The bill to send military assistance to Uganda passed through both the House and the Senate by unanimous vote. The video includes James Inhofe, republican senator from Oklahoma (the reddest of the red states) alongside the faces of Democratic activists like George Clooney and Shephard Fairey

2. It is able to recognize the difference between evil and power. By narrowing their attack to one powerful and wicked man, and then enlisting the aid of another great power (the United States military) the Invisible Children project has the potential to do what no other force could do in the past 26 years: bring Kony to justice.

I personally hope this is the new face of activism. I would love to bid farewell to "Occupy" and "Anonymous." Invisible Children is activism you can hug.