I made a suggestion weeks ago that Rand Paul would be a good tactical pick for the Mitt Romney campaign because Rand would:

1. Pull independent support.

2. Keep Ron Paul from running third party.

Well, now even the Rick Santorum campaign is accusing Ron Paul and Mitt Romney of working together. Here's Mr. Santorum commenting on the perceived alliance.

Ron Paul has denied the charge, but I think that there is something suspicious about the coordinated efforts. Unlike the Santorum campaign, I don't think that Ron Paul is the person of interest here. If I were a betting man (which I am from time to time) I would put money down that the Romney campaign is vetting Rand Paul as a potential VP candidate and that Ron Paul is aware of the process. One of the main reasons for my belief on this issue is that the ideological divide between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney is much greater than that between Romney and Rand Paul. What do you think?