Congressman Ryan Zinke and Senator Steve Daines are pressuring Montana Governor Steve Bullock to change his position on Syrian Refugees. Zinke said the current vetting process is not working and that the Governor’s insistence on allowing refugees puts the state at risk.

"There's no database. And to say, 'Well, we're going to prioritize women and children..." The woman who just ignited herself in Paris, she's a terrorist," Zinke said. "It's very difficult under these circumstances to separate a terrorist from a woman and a child. There was an 11-year-old female who did the same thing with a suicide vest in Africa."

Governor Steve Bullock’s office originally claimed that its openness to refugees was in-line with Montana’s ideals, but Zinke sees things differently.

"Montana's ideals, whether it's a congressman, a senator, or a governor, first and foremost is protect the citizens of Montana and protect the citizens of this country," Zinke said. "If the governor doesn't want to, Congress is going act this week and take a vote before we leave for Thanksgiving. Congress needs to take action. If the President doesn't, Congress will."

Zinke said Congress will likely vote on a number of bills associated refugees and the vetting process tomorrow.

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