Comments about former Congressman and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke have appeared all over the mainstream media, including the Associated Press regarding his alleged involvement in a commercial development while in office.

An Associated Press story published on Wednesday stated ‘Government investigators say former U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke misused his position to advance a Montana development project and lied to an agency ethics official about his involvement. The Interior Department’s inspector general said Wednesday that Zinke continued working on the commercial project even after he committed to breaking ties when he took office. The report says Zinke gave incorrect and incomplete information to an Interior Department ethics official who confronted him and that Zinke directed his staff to assist him with the project in a misuse of his position.’

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The Zinke campaign reached out to KGVO after a request for a comment with the following statement.

From the moment he was nominated by President Trump to serve in the cabinet, Zinke was targeted by cancel culture activists and corrupt deep state employees. It ramped up with every policy Victory he had: making the USA energy independent, keeping National Parks open during shutdown, expanding public access to public lands for hunting… Now, they see him with all the momentum in his new congressional race and are trying to gin up election year hit.  

So now we have a Biden Administration-led report that published false information, and was shared with the press as a political hit job - real shocker. The report is totally subjective, 3 years old, and admitted they released it after their conclusions were so flimsy and biased that the DOJ didn’t even consider it. They didn’t even bother to talk to Ryan Zinke, the staff they claimed was involved, or anyone else who was supposedly involved in the non-existent “negotiations”.

Only in Biden’s corrupt admin is talking to one’s neighbor about the town’s public meetings and history of the land a sin. Concerning the park, in 2007, the Zinke family was able to create a free and open space for people to enjoy in Whitefish. They are proud of the children's sledding park that dozens of kids use every weekend and countless locals use for exercise every day.

In addition, Congressional candidate Matt Jette sent the following comment to KGVO regarding Zinke, who Jette said has ‘already been found guilty’.

For his activities while serving as Secretary of the Interior, Ryan has been found guilty. This is very odd and troublesome for several reasons. First, Ryan is a veteran and to have done things that even smells of inappropriateness is unacceptable. Second, Ryan has repeatedly stated on KGVO and other news shows that all of the numerous investigations concerning him have been completed and nothing was found that was wrong, unethical, or illegal. This is simply a lie and questionable on three levels. One, to even have any investigation concerning oneself is troublesome and then to have to resign as a result is worrisome. Two, not all investigations were complete and Ryan knew this, so he lied to all of you. Third, Ryan was indeed found guilty, not by the “deep state” or a “crooked” Biden administration, but by the rule of law; the very premise of our founding institutions and one of our best and most important principles of who we are as a people and country. The Department of Justice decided not to prosecute, not because the evidence was not there, but because it does not get political and acting presently would be acting politically because this is an election cycle. As a result, support of any kind for Ryan is simply a bad idea, not found in fact, reason, or logic.'

KGVO has invited Zinke to respond personally on KGVO at his convenience.

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