An unidentified woman was injured over the weekend when her vehicle's windshield was shattered by beer cans thrown from another vehicle.

Missoula County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said the incident occurred Sunday at about 10:00 p.m.

"A woman was driving eastbound towards on Mullan Road out near the pulp mill," Pavalone said. "A vehicle passed them headed west when someone in that vehicle threw a six-pack with two bottles of beer in it and it struck her windshield. The windshield was broken, and the woman was subsequently injured with glass in her eyes and glass in her hands."

Pavalone said the woman wasn't able to give a thorough description of the other vehicle.

"When the other vehicle went past, they able to determine that it was a white, boxy-looking car," she said. "We don't have a license plate and we don't know if the beer bottles were thrown out of the driver of passenger window. So, we're just trying to get any information we can from the public. If anyone has any information, please call the sheriff's office at 258-4810 or Missoula Crimestoppers at 721-44-44."

The suspect is wanted for felony criminal endangerment due to the serious nature of the victim's injuries and the damage to her vehicle.

Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone