Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On January 2, 2023, at approximately 7:05 p.m., Missoula Police Department Officers were dispatched to a store located in the 230 block of Blaine Street. The 911 caller wished to report that there were two females that were trespassing on store property and refusing to leave.  

Employees had located one female still inside the store, however, the other female had already left prior to law enforcement's arrival. Officers arrived on the scene and employees directed them to the bathroom in the back of the store.  

Bathroom is Flooded

As the officer was approaching, a female was seen handing a bathroom key back to the employees. The officer heard the female tell the employees she went to the restroom and now the “bathroom is flooding” and she “did not know why”.  

The officer told the female that they would need to escort her out of the store since the employees were asking that she be removed. According to court documents, the female would be later identified as Keely Duran. Duran was belligerent, but was eventually escorted from the store and was temporarily detained.  

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At this time, another officer arrived on the scene and began speaking with an employee. The employee stated that she was working her normal duties when she observed two females in the store. The females were walking around the store with shopping baskets full of merchandise and acting suspiciously.  

The employee advised that from her time working at the store, she knew it was common for individuals who shoplift from the store to often load a basket with merchandise and then run out of the store. The employee stated she then started to pay closer attention to the two females. After a few moments, the employee observed a female in a yellow sweater enter the bathroom. After the female entered the bathroom, 911 was called. 

The employee entered the bathroom and it was completely flooded. It appeared Duran had attempted to flush several items of merchandise down the toilet causing the water to overflow. At this time, officers placed Duran under arrest for criminal mischief. 

More Charges Are Coming

Duran was transported to the Missoula County Detention Facility. Upon arrival at the jail, a standard inventory search of Duran and her property was conducted. During the search, Detention Staff located a handbag inside Duran’s purse. Inside the handbag, Detention Officers observed drug paraphernalia including baggies, lighters, metal straws, and tin foil.  

Officers also discovered a small zip-lock style baggie containing a white crystal-like substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine. In addition, officers observed a second small zip-lock style baggie containing 13 pills of various colors with “M 30” stamped upon them. After the items were located, the officer began speaking with Duran who confirmed that the pills were fentanyl. Each of the items were inventoried and stored for safekeeping pending transport to the Montana State Crime lab for chemical analysis. 

Duran is currently being charged with two counts of felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal mischief. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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