The size of the fire is estimated at 3,400 acres. Higher west winds are expected this afternoon so there is a potential for fire growth mostly moving to the northeast. The fire is most active on the northwest and northeast sides. On the northwest side of the fire, in Marshall Creek, crews will construct line northwest from a saddle north of Woody Mountain along a ridge system in Marshall Creek. On the northeast side crews and an excavator will construct line from an existing road, north to the ridge line.

Crews are continuing to work on the 200-acre spot fire. This includes completing some burnout activities to remove any unburned fuel in the fire perimeter. In lower Johnson Creek crews will continue to burnout, if necessary, to help the fire back down to the established line. In the area adjacent to West Riverside and on the lower west portion of the fire crews will continue to mop-up and patrol. Structure protection crews will be positioned in the Marshall Mountain Canyon.

COMMUNITY INFORMATION MEETING: A public meeting will be held on Monday, August 29 at 6:30 P.M. the Bonner School Gymnasium. Fire officials will be on hand to discuss the fire suppression activities and to discuss the population protection plan for the Blackfoot Corridor from Bonner to Marco Flats and the Marshall Mountain area.

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