The first presidential primary is approaching and that means it’s time for voters to confirm their vote-by-mail status. Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors said Missoulians should be expecting their confirmation this week.

"A lot of our local elections are held by mail ballot elections, so everybody is automatically mailed a ballot. A lot of our voters are used to receiving a ballot in the mail, however when it comes to a poll election, we can only send you a vote-by-mail ballot if you are on that vote-by-mail or absentee list," Connors said. "So to be able to receive a ballot 25 days ahead of time, check and make sure you're on that list."

Connors said voters are required by law to confirm their status every two years with the local election office. If you don’t receive a vote-by-mail confirmation, here’s what you need to do:

"We created on our website a secure portal at where voters can go on there and sign up electronically. It does require a signature and they can put all of their information up on the list that way," Connors said. "Or they can call our office at 258-4751 and we can send them an absentee or vote-by-mail sign up form."

Connors said once a voter is established on the absentee or vote-by-mail list, they are confirmed until Jan. 31, 2018.