The University of Montana-Western campus at Dillon was closed due to a bomb threat on Friday morning.

Montana University System spokeswoman Blair Fjeseth provided what details were available from the incident.

“After the bomb threat this morning, students, faculty and staff were quick to evacuate under Chancellor Weatherby’s leadership,” said Fjeseth. “The reaction was swift and strong and they were able to get everybody out of there really quickly. They notified law enforcement agencies who came in and swept the buildings and that took a couple of hours.”

The campus reopened at 1:00 pm, however, because all classes were cancelled by the bomb threat, there were no more classes for the day.

The campus was set to celebrate Charter Day, the 125th anniversary of the University of Montana. The celebration will be rescheduled.

An investigation into the bomb threat is underway by campus police, Dillon police and the Montana University System.

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